Coordinators Update December 2021 – ‘Tis the Season

A Word From The Coordinator

Royal Rangers at the base of a Wind Turbine

Merry Christmas Royal Rangers!

Let me be the first to say Merry Christmas, Royal Rangers! The time has come to celebrate our Lord’s arrival and the final agreement between God and man. Death has been defeated, and God’s promised gift has been given. Jesus Christ is born and lives to this day! ‘Tis the season to celebrate.

Holiday Events and Schedule

I think the best thing to do is start with an upcoming schedule. December is a month that really begins a flurry of activities and springs us right into January and the Ranger Pinecar Derby, The Klondike Run, and Merit Camps.


The Royal Ranger Christmas party will be held on Wednesday, December 15th. I will send a follow post to this one this week. But for planning purposes, we ask that each boy bring a wrapped gift that is no more than 5 dollars. Look for more details on the party coming soon.

Royal Rangers Christms Party Gift Exchange


We also will be attending our annual Western Section New Years Day outing this year on Saturday, January 1st. The sectional office is deciding between a few different events for this day. Unfortunately due to COVID, a couple of our options have not been available. I will update this as soon as more details come available. So be sure and mark your calendars.


Rpyal Rangers Pinecar Derby Race

This year’s Ranger Pinecar Derby will be held on Saturday, February 5th, and promises to be our biggest event ever. We will begin building cars on Wednesday, January 5th, and every Wednesday in January will be spent ton cars.

If a dad or mom wants to stay and help their son build the cars, we would love that. Or maybe even try and make your own car to race against our leaders.

The cost of a kit is $10.00, and it comes with everything you need to build your own car and the cost of registration. So let your imagination run wild!


Ugh – I had hoped these updates would be a thing of the past. But with a new variant coming every other day, it seems we cannot get this out of our headlines. As you all know, Erie Count has mandated all public spaces to wear masks. And that includes us.

While we are not instituting our complete COVID protocols like different doors and taking temperatures, it is a good idea to review the procedures that may have to be re-applied shortly in this link.

The Wesleyan Church is a Bible-based church. By extension, we will follow the directions laid out in Romans, Acts, and 2nd Peter in that we will follow the laws as long as they do not lead to sin. While not requiring it, Pastor David has asked that each of us wear masks while in the church. We invite you to send your boy to Royal Rangers with a mask.

If you choose not to do that, we will fully respect your decision, and your son is still welcome.

I ask you to pray daily for divine relief from this disease that has caused so much suffering in the world. I also ask you to pray for our leaders no matter where you stand on the issues that they may make decisions for the country’s good.

Royal Rangers at the Klondiek Run Pulling a sled

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