OP 292 Winter Weather Procedure

With the changes to our Wednesday program night structures, I am posting an update on our Winter Weather Procedure. Please keep in mind that this is Western NY. It may be sunny, and 65 at your house on Sibley, and negative 30 degrees at the church. And, the information can change very quickly and at any time. We will try to get you the information as soon as possible.

With each ministry communicating separately, I apologize, but many of you might get more than one notification. The intention is not to annoy you but to make sure you get informed so you do not have to go out in inclement weather.

One way to know is to keep an eye on closing notices. If the West Seneca School district closes its after-school activities because of weather-related reasons, we will probably do that as well.

In closing, I would like to add that while we do not want to cancel the Wednesday Night programs, safety will always be our top priority. We ask that if you do not feel comfortable driving in the weather, I would ask you to make that decision for yourself.

Royal Rangers hiking on the Ranger Kids Family Day

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