Coordinators Update November 2021

A Word From The Coordinator

Hi Ranger Families – I can’t believe that I just wrote the words November Update. In my mind, there is no way it is November already. I know Halloween has just passed, and Thanksgiving is not even here yet, but you are definitely on the prowl for great Christmas gifts if you are anything like me. So what’s coming up AT OP 292?

Campree Update:

2021 Camporee

It was great to be camping again. If anyone remembered last year, we had to make the Camporee a non-overnight event. And it was really fun. But camping is even better.

I was amazed at how the Lord parted the clouds. We did have some rain, but the lighting was in the distance, and the rain subsided on Friday night. And aside from a couple of sprinkles on Saturday, we were dry and warm for the rest of the weekend. We even got to pack up in great weather. We got to see God’s hand at work that weekend.

At this year’s Camporee, the boys got to shoot bows and arrows, learn about humane trapping, make Gallons of Apple Cider, play chess and checkers, do a frisbee golf course, make an FCF necklace, and of course, roast dogs on fire and create their own foil dinners.

Did I mention the guest speakers and worship?

Holiday events

We will be doing a Christmas Party on Wednesday, December 15th. We will be planning this at our November

GLT meeting. We also will be attending our annual Western Section New Years Day outing this year on Saturday, January 1st. The sectional office is deciding between a few different events for this day. Be sure to check back often for updated details on both these events.

pages of note

With the holidays coming on and Royal Rangers in full swing, we recognize the need for parents to have the time with families and celebrate these seasons for what they are. A time to remember with thanks for the gift of life given by God through His son Jesus Christ. Purposely, we do not schedule a lot of additional events during this time.

That being said, there are a couple of pages on this website you may want to bookmark for quick reference.

The first one is our Upcoming Events Page and Our Outpost 292 Events Calendar. I do keep these current and can be a great reference. This is much easier than waiting for me to get back to you.

The second is our OP 292 Special Uniform Page. Specifically the Awards Vest Section. On that page, you will find valuable information on how to get an award vest, what is necessary, and links to patch placement. This is a valuable resource and can save hours of searching and redoing patches. Each patch has a precise order.

Breakfast in the Mud. Camporee 2021

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