Can A Boy’s Father Camp With Him?


As I look at my email and messages, I have noticed many parents asking if the boy’s father, older brother, grandfather, or uncle can go along with the boy to a camping event?

That’s a Good Question – but a bit complex. I will try to make it short.

At the time of this writing, we are currently experiencing a New York State semi-shut down of all large gatherings. When this changes, I will update this post. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19, we can only have approved and registered Royal Ranger Leaders on the camp premises. I am not a big fan of this, but these are the only options our government gives at this time. Our trips are considered short term camps and must follow those guidelines.

Typically, we have three types of overnight trips: Local sectional and division events, statewide district events, and national or international trips.

Suppose an adult family member wants to go along on these trips. In that case, he must attend a 3-hour safe-child training at our church and submit to a national and local background check. Once a year, that must be renewed by taking a refresher course and getting an updated background check.

When an adult becomes a safe child approved, he can attend the local events as a visitor. He must sign a visitor declaration and be approved by the Group Coordinator and the Church Pastor. He then may go along as a visitor to the camps and events.

Suppose an adult family member wants to attend one of the larger state or national events. In that case, he must become a charted Royal Ranger leader. That is a bit more of a process.

In addition to the above requirements, to be a Sanctioned Royal Ranger Leader, the man must regularly attend a church. He must also obtain a letter of recommendation from his current pastor, a member of the church he attends, and a reference from someone he knows outside of his home church.

When that paperwork is submitted, the leader will then attend an eight hour Basic Leadership class and register yearly with the national office. This is known as chartering. He will then work as an assistant group leader in any number of capacities honing his leadership skills. For his time in Royal Rangers leadership, he will commit to at least one continuing education training class per year.

A chartered Royal Ranger Leader may attend and be an activity leader in any events from the local variety to the national and international trips.

Some may say that the Royal Rangers are too demanding upon their leaders. Still, in today’s climate, we feel that the boy’s safety and well-being is the top priority. We do our best to make sure we put the best leaders in place every time we interact with a boy.

For more information on becoming a Royal Ranger Leader, or even if you want to just go on camping trips with your son, feel free to reach out to me on this website, and we will get back to you.

You can also follow us on our Facebook or Instagram pages at fellowshipwesleyanroyalrangers.

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