Act Like Men

It was true. As I wrote in an earlier post, this year’s Camporee did look a little different. But, as I also wrote, I am not sure if anyone noticed. In my opinion, the kids had a great time.

This year’s theme from 1 Corinthians 16:13, Act Like Men, took center stage as about 75 boys and men (not an official count, just an eyeball test) came together to celebrate what the Bible tells us it is to be a man and how a man of God should act.

The boys got to do many traditional Camporee activities like learning about the Frontier Camping Fellowship (FCF), throwing tomahawks and knives, and shooting a BB gun. Additionally, they got to make and drink fresh apple cider and race their own Lego cars they designed a built.

The night capped off with a massive council fire, worship songs, and a message about being Godlike men. You can see more pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Overall, Outpost 292 had 15 boys and 4 men turn out.

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