Camporee To look Different.

This year’s Camporee is going to look a little different. A couple of weeks ago, we sent an informational packet home for what usually is our kickoff campout for the year. The Western Section Camporee is a weekend of fun and devotions. It is a chance for boys and dads who usually don’t get to some of the bigger campouts to come out for a weekend and try some of the fun events Royal Rangers has to offer.

At a Camporee, a boy might shoot a bow and arrow, see sled dogs, tour a rescue boat, make Apple Cider, or even try geocaching. He might catch a fish, learn to shoot a BB gun, or even throw a tomahawk at a target. He definitely would hear stories around a campfire and get to build and take down his own tent.

But, as the headline read – This year’s Camporee is going to look a little different. Yes, this year, we will be having a Camporee, but due to COVID-19, we will not be building tents and sleeping out. To reduce the risks, we will be asking parents to bring their kids to the campsites and picking them up. We will be taking temperatures and social distancing in many of the events. We will be asking that only Chartered and approved Royal Ranger leaders are on the campsites and cannot accommodate visitors this year.

But, the great news is that we ARE having a Camporee this year. So your boy can still have a chance to come out and complete all the challenges he wants to. We will still be having a campfire with songs and a message. And we will still have Royal Rangers fun.

Yes, this year’s Camporee is going to look a little different, but who’s going to notice?

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