Wow! What a Year

Mark Your Calendars.  Royal Rangers Outpost 292 is officially Ready To Go! That’s right, After what seems the strangest Summer ever battling masks, shutdowns, and the Coronavirus – hopefully, we can get back to a more normal routine. Even though it may look a little different, Royal Rangers is gearing up for another exciting year that promises to be better than ever for every boy and man involved.

If you were watching, you may have noticed it was not like we took the Summer off. For those of you who were watching, you saw the Adventure and Expedition Rangers participate in two 25 mile bike rides. You saw Mr. and Mrs. Gingerich on YouTube with some special friends. You participated in many zoom Bible studies.

You might have been lucky enough to enjoy a four-course meal prepared in a dutch oven over a campfire by our boys, or even got to learn how to set up a camp and build a counsel fire. Wow! Did someone say shutdowns?

And to top it all off – We had a great kickoff party last week with a pizza party and were amazed by Nells The Juggler and his son Noah. I honestly have no idea how they did some of the tricks that we saw.

Outpost 292 Royal Rangers and all the Wednesday night Family Programs at Fellowship Wesleyan will be starting this week. Meeting times run from 6:30 until 8:00 PM. In the interest of safety, you can see all of our social distancing accommodations at this link. Please take a moment to review them before dropping off your child.

If you have not registered yet – be sure and od that now. You can find the online registration link here.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any Royal Ranger leader, call the church office at 716-675-9245. You can also message us here or on our website for more information.
Thank you, and I hope to see you at Rangers this year.

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