Thank You Ron and Kelly Bish

Psalms 133:1
“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”

The Bish Family, Ron, Kelly, Alex, and Adam will be moving to another state and a new beginning.

The Bish Family, Ron, Kelly, Alex, and Adam will be moving to another state and a new beginning. But they will be leaving something behind them. Memories, friends, family, impacts, disciples – A legacy and so much more.

I have seen Alex grow from a Discovery Ranger when he joined Royal Rangers into Outpost 292 Senior Group Leader. I watched him take a group of boys on the Klondike Run Trail Challenge and lead them with the skill and attention far beyond his years, getting the most from the group possible and knowing just when to push and when to encourage.

Adam was a Ranger Kid when he joined, and I have also seen the transformation in him from a little boy to a young man just aching to lead others to Christ. As a Discovery Ranger, over three years, Adam did 100 percent of the bible lessons available to Discovery Rangers and earned his Gold Eagle award. The highest possible achievement for a fifth-grade boy in Royal Rangers.

Last fall – amid 20 degrees temperatures Alex and Adam, completed their primitive camping Frontier Adventure and were inducted into the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF). In the FCF, they will learn to demonstrate the warmth of Christian love, the light of personal witness, and the usefulness of dedicated service.

I am proud of you, boys. Ohio District has an excellent Royal Rangers Program!

Kelly has been instrumental in Outpost 292’s success. At every step of the way, she was there to support us. Kelly’s behind the scenes support for her husband, her sons, our church and our outpost has allowed us to be able to reach the boys and men in our community. From encouraging others to “come check out Royal Rangers,” to serving pizza at the Ranger Pinecar Derby, to washing cars and rolling silverware for our fundraisers, Kelly Bish has been a gift from God.

Thank you, Kelly.

Ron has been with us through thick and thin. I will miss everything about Ron. I will miss his willingness to do anything asked and step in wherever he was needed regardless of his comfort zone or inconvenience. Ron’s steady presence was at almost every camping trip, each monthly meeting, every merit camp, or anything else asked of him. I cannot count the number of rides Ron gave to Royal Ranger boys to and from camps or weekly meetings.

The apostle John speaks of love in action and Paul wrote that of all the spiritual gifts, the greatest of these is love. Over the past five years, I have seen Ron’s gifts of service and humility grow, and his gift of love become more apparent. Truly Ron – I consider you a brother both spiritually and earthly.

Thank you, Ron, for the gift of knowing your family. Thank you for being the role model young men so desperately need. I deeply thank you for touching me and making me a better leader. Thank you, and may God be with you.

Christopher Post – OP292 Outpost Coordinator

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