Looking Forward

What trying times we are going through right now. Most of us have never experienced such uncertainty. It is in these times, faith in our provider is put to the test.

It always helps me to remember He has me in His hands at all times and that He will reveal my path in His time and that even possibly my faith in his guidance and caring is being put to the test daily.

As I look forward to the rest of our year, in keeping with the guidance of the National Royal Rangers, the CDC, and our local officials, it saddens me to say that we must cancel all remaining events for the rest of our physical meetings this year until the end of June. As you already are aware, the National Camporama has been postponed and we are still in discussions about the Pow Wow and Leadership Academy in August.

Even though we are not going to meet physically any more this year, I would urge you to continue to have your boys participate in the online meetings the Ranger leaders are having. It is important that the boys keep up their Bible studies regularly, and they continue in family devotions.

As soon as we are able, we do plan to have some Saturday meeting this Summer to make up some fun and exciting events. I know Mr. Glose was very disappointed we had to cancel the Biking Trip, and I was really looking forward to learning all about Ham radios and broadcasting.

OP 292 Logo

Please continue to check in here often for updates, and check our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the up to date suggestions and resources from Outpost 292 and our leadership team.

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