So What Happened at Rangers Tonight?

At the dinner table at our house, the conversation usually goes something like this

Me: What did you do in school today?
Eli: I don’t know
Me: Really? What did you learn?
Eli: Nothing
Me: Nothing? Josh – how about you?
Josh: Aaah. Some kid sneezed all over his homework.
Me: Ok then…

If your house is anything like ours – each one of you has had a similar conversation with your offspring. First off let me put your fears to rest – As a teacher in a high school, I can assure you we do teach them something each day. It is not all coffee and donuts in the staff room.


Sometimes I get parents or boys who ask me what goes on at a Royal Ranger meeting. If you have asked your boy, and your conversation is similar to the one above, or you are a boy who has never been to a Royal Ranger meeting, here is a snapshot of what went on tonight at Outpost 292 in West Seneca.

Before the meeting:

Ranger Kids that arrived early played a game of ring toss while one of our assistant post2leaders kept score.

Adventure Rangers planned a Bible Lesson they were going to lead tonight and reviewed everyone’s roles. They also reviewed the Group of Excellence scoresheet.

Expedition Rangers planned their automotive merit and made plans to tear down and re-build a small engine.

Opening Ceremony

At 6:30 our Senior Patrol Leader called the opening formation, and one of the patrols led the Opening Pledges and prayer. Leaders gave announcements, and upcoming events and our Adventure Rangers helped take care of the flags.

The Meeting

During the meeting, Discovery Rangers made patrol flags, learned about basic fire safety and campfire building, studied a book of the Bible and played board games as a recreational activity.

post4At the same time Expedition Rangers also worked on their patrol flags and did a Spirit Challenge. A Spirit Challenge is an in-depth look at a real-world problem from a biblical perspective. This is a bit like asking and answering how God tells us to face the issues today’s high school student deals with.

Meanwhile – The Adventure Rangers were learning about teamwork, sportsmanship, and grit during a flag football game. When they came inside one of the boy’s groups led an advanced Bible Study, where the young men also explored the Bible and its real-world answers from a middle school students perspective.

Of course during all that our youngest group, the Ranger Kids, spent time on the playground and learned how sharing is showing love to one another and also how God loves everyone just as He even loved the people of Ninevah enough to forgive them when they repented and used Jonah to show His light and love. The Ranger Kids even had time to study the Bible verses and work on the Antelope Advancement.

Closing the meeting

And when the meeting closed each group made sure to remember one another and thank God in open prayer for the opportunities and blessing He has given every one of us.

So, after all that, if you ask your son “What happened at Rangers tonight? When he says “ahhh nothing really.”Well – you will know better.

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