First Night Back!

imgres-5What an exciting first night back at OP 292!

It was awesome to see all of the new faces and watch our group grow in God’s grace. I know that a couple of parents have asked about uniforms and how to earn advancement patches. You can read about our uniform special outpost uniform here.

post5Each year, new Royal Rangers get an Outpost group t-shirt to be worn to all Royal Ranger events. The Outpost 292 uniform we are using for all Ranger’s and Leaders is a group t-shirt, a pair of blue cargo pants or jeans or shorts, sneakers and socks.

Any boy who is enrolled in the Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA) should be wearing his assigned leader’s utility uniform to all weekly meeting. He should wear his ranger t-shirt as well for a strenuous or messy activity.

I am ordering t-shirts new shirts for anyone who needs them this week and you should see them in a couple of weeks. I went around to all the groups and got boys sizes tonight.

An awards vest is a vest that the boys wear on a weekly basis over their uniform that displays all the awards they have earned. The vest is only an option and not a required part of the uniform, but many boys do get one – please let me know if you would like one and I will get a price and order your boy one.

Lastly, as a safety precaution, please do not send your boy in flip-flops or open toe sandals. The boys frequently play outside and do exercise and can injure themselves in these.

Once again, thank you for helping us make Royal Rangers fun and exciting and most of all helping us to spread God’s word. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me or visit us on Facebook.

Thank you,
Chris Post
OP 292 Coordinator

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