Fall Coordinator’s Update

imgres-5 Hello OP 292

Just a quick note to keep you updated. First, I would like to thank you all for bringing your boys out and allowing us to work with them in our Royal Ranger program.  I know the leaders are enjoying themselves, and I hope the boys are having as much fun as we are learning how to be Christlike young men.

Each year, new Royal Rangers get an Outpost group t-shirt to be worn to all Royal Ranger events. The Outpost 292 uniform we are using for all Ranger’s and Leaders is a group t-shirt, a pair of blue cargo pants or jeans or shorts, sneakers and socks. Any boy who is enrolled in the Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA) should be wearing his assigned leaders utility uniform to all weekly meeting. He should wear his ranger t-shirt as well for strenuous or messy activity.

As they move through Royal Rangers, there will be a more advanced uniform you may images-2purchase, but there is no need for that expense at this point unless your boy is taking part in the leadership Academy. One thing you might want to consider though is an awards vest.

An awards vest is a vest that the boys wear on a weekly basis over their uniform that displays all the awards they have earned. This is the only garment that advancement and merit patches may be worn on. Please do not sew them onto the Ranger T-shirt. The cost of the vest is $17.00. The patches should not be put on any other ranger uniform. The vest in only an option and not a required part of the uniform, but many boys do get one.

kr-2017-1Lastly, I ask that if your boy does have a uniform that he grows out of, please consider bringing it back clean and folded and we can get him a new on. Please only turn in old ones that are in good condition.

Next I would like to mention that the  Fall Camporee Campout is this weekend. You should have gotten a packet home the first week of Rangers. If your boy is planning to go, and you have not already done so, please let me know as soon as possible. We will meet at the Creekside Assembly of God Church around 6 O’clock and your boy should be ready to be picked up by 12 noon on Sunday. The packing list and driving instructions are in a packet I sent home. The boys should have eaten dinner by the time they arrive. Dinner will not be served, but there will be an evening campfire snack.images-1

Lastly, I want to mention that there will be no Royal Rangers the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 22), or the last two weeks of December (Dec.20 and 27). December 13th will be our combined Royal Rangers and Girls Club Christmas Party. You can find these and all our upcoming events on our FB page or at fellowhipwesleyanroyalrangers.org

Thank you once again,

Chris Post

Royal Ranger Outpost Coordinator


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