Klondike Run – Fantastic!

WOW – What a weekend! This year’s Klondike Run was fantastic.

kr-2017-5As Royal Rangers from around Western and Central New York competed to see who would be the top outpost, they learned and practiced teamwork, perseverance, and sacrifice. They showed they had plenty of grit as they worked their way around the lands of Camp Hickory Hill competing in such activities as a Weighted Sled Obstacle Course, a Lumberjack Saw Challenge and an Ice Rescue just to name a few.

In the evening the men and boys were able to worship the Lord with the help of Pastor Justin DiMartino and the worship team from Batavia, along with excellent messages and devotionals delivered by Pastor Mike Cammarata, Paster Dan Schmidt, and Ivan McMillen.

Over the weekend I was most impressed with the way the men of0217172202 Western District were living in the Word. During the devotional time, the boys and I talked about role models and what makes a role model. We talked about how the Men of Royal Rangers are set apart to establish an example for other men and boys in the way they should be living according to God’s plan and purpose.

We also talked about role models, what they represent to us, and what to look for in a good role model. I was extremely pleased to learn many of the boys listed their Fathers or Ranger Leaders as men that could be great God-centered role models.

This tells me the men of Royal Rangers are doing exactly what our founder Johnnie Barnes had in mind when he founded this great imgres-5organization. Men discipling men: Christlike Servant leaders fulfilling the Great Commission by guiding Godlike boys to become Godlike men. For that, Men of Royal Rangers – I commend you.

Thank you for all that you do.

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