Wow – The year is almost complete!

0imgres-5Wow – can you believe it has been almost a year already?! I could not be more pleased with the progress of the boys and the work they have put in. They just completed their first Merit Camp, and we are now Getting ready for April Merit Camp on the 16th and our annual awards ceremony.

All of the boys are putting in extra time, and we have several Discovery Rangers that are on pace to earn the Gold Falcon Award. The Gold Falcon Advancement is the first milestone on the trail to the Gold Eagle Award. Gold Eagle Award is the highest level a Discovery Ranger can reach.

The Gold Falcon is given when a boy studies five books of the Bible, Completes five elective merits, learns about basic first aid skills and global missions, participates in a service project and attends a minimum of two outpost activities. After they receive their Gold Falcon, they will work on the Hawk Trail. It usually takes about three to four years to achieve the Gold Eagle.

We also have Ranger Kids who are on the Gold Trail and can earn their Elk Advancement. This prepares the boys for the advancement trail of the Gold Eagle in Discovery Rangers. To Earn the Elk Award, a boy must complete 16 elective merits, attend at least four outpost activities, and participate in at least 30 outpost meeting where they will work on the four ways a boy grows: Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Socially.1506619_1071089719620773_8366066927730853946_n

As the boys grow and develop, It is amazing to watch God work in their lives. The transformation from boy to man is unbelievable. As we begin to wrap up this first year of Royal Rangers at Fellowship Wesleyan, I hope you will spread the word about God’s amazing work in our church.

The last thing I want to call your attention to is our new Ranger Events Calendar page. It is a link on the top menu of this page and will give you an up to date calendar of all out upcoming events. I hope you find it useful and if you have any questions, as always – feel free to ask.

Thank you,

Chris Post
Outpost 292 Coordinator

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