Rise Against Hunger Service Opportunity

I am pleased to announce our latest service opportunity. This Fellowship Wesleyan Church’s Missions Committee will be teaming with Rise Against Hunger in an event we feel will make a real impact. 50-60 volunteers are needed to make this event successful.  

Rise Against Hunger is a global movement that supports meal packaging events with the help of volunteers throughout communities. We’ll be packaging 10,200 meals (.35 cents per meal), which will be delivered to various countries in support of ending Hunger. Volunteers are needed to help package the meals.  

Service Projects

We feel that voluntary service to others is a vital part of learning to be a Christlike Servant Leader, and we do try and model this at all times. To complete the yearly requirements in Royal Rangers and receive their advancement, each boy is expected to participate in at least two Ranger-approved service projects per year and take part in our major fundraiser each May. 

Every third-year Adventure Rangers must also plan and complete a missions-related fundraising event as well. This is required to get their Adventure Gold Advancement.

We usually offer 3-4 opportunities per year to do this. We will also give credit toward any school-related service required.

Stay Connected

Month At A Glance

We have a new infographic that will be updated every month to show you our monthly calendar at a glance. You can find it at the top of our upcoming events page or a paper copy hanging on our information bulletin board outside the Ranger Kids Classroom.

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