Mid Month Information

Klondike Run Dropoff

Parents Reminder: Please drop your son off at about 6 PM at Camp Hickory Hill for the Klondike Run. Then you can pick them up at about 11 AM on Sunday.

Remember to double-check the packing list and bring extra socks. There are a lot of resources online about proper winter layering. This can be the difference between a great time and a terrible experience.

Awards And Trophies March 2

On March 2nd, at our next meeting, I am inviting parents to stay for our opening ceremony. You can watch the ceremony and stick around for a few minutes as many kids get advancement awards. We will also be handing out the Ranger Derby Trophies. Come and get a few pics with the kids.

We start at 6:30 sharp and will be done by 7PM. We will have our regular meeting after we are done.


I am sorry to say, but Outpost 292 will not be attending the Camporama this year. There will be another one in four years, and we can try again then. We just did not have enough people from our outpost to make this happen.

Month At A Glance

We have a new infographic that will be updated every month to show you our monthly calendar at a glance. You can find it at the top of our upcoming events page or a paper copy hanging on our information bulletin board outside the Ranger Kids Classroom.

Check Out Our New Event Page

Fellowship Wesleyan Royal Rangers now has a new way of letting people know about our latest events. We still have our up-to-date event calendar for long-term planning.

But have you checked out our upcoming event page? If you want to just take a quick glance at what’s happening at OP 292, this is just for you. This is an excellent page to bookmark, so you always have the information at your fingertips.

Click Here to Check It Out

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