Please Use Caution

Happy Snow Day Royal Rangers!

It goes without saying everyone should use their own judgment for attending any Royal Ranger event. If you do not feel safe driving, then we fully understand and want you to make that decision.

With that being said, we will still be setting up for the Ranger Derby Friday night. You will still be able to come and run or tweak your cars. The driving should be cleared by Saturday morning, so we will be ready. If this does change, look here or FB for an announcement.

Click here for full closing procedure

We will be having a trial run/pit night this Friday, the night before the race (January, 28th 2022), from 6 – 8 PM.

 If you want to do any final adjustments or trial runs, the track will be up and running for you to try your car ahead of time. This is an excellent opportunity for you to really tweak your car so it goes as fast as possible. 

I do want to ask that you stay with your son or daughter during pit night. Pit night is intended as a parent-child work together opportunity. Please be sure and supervise your child while you are there. We will be setting up and will not be able to do that.

The lanes will not be open for practice on race day, so if you want to see your car run ahead of time – this is your opportunity!

Click here for the entire race schedule.

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