New York District Adding A New Training Camp

That’s Right! Now the boys who want to get a jump on the Leadership Academy have another opportunity to learn and be mentored under some of the finest Christian men I know. Suppose you are new to outpost 292 or unsure about our Leadership Academy? In that case, we have a page with a lot of information here.

If you have a boy who cannot wait to get started but is not quite ready for RTC, we have a new camping-based District Leadership Camp .

Camping Merit Camp

Camping Merit Camp is a 4 day 3 night Merit Camp based solely on learning outdoor camping and safety skills. The boys will practice the skills it takes to camp safely at all times and graduate with the knowledge and confidence to have fun and be safe in an outdoor setting.

Philosophy of this Merit Camp

This is probably the first camp the boys will attend to begin their journey through the District Junior Leader Training. This Merit Camp is geared towards the boy who has graduated from the 5th grade and is entering 6th grade.

The intent is for the camp to be the first Leadership Academy Camp the boy attends, followed by RTC. This allows the boy to ease into the JLDA camp setting.

The Info

This year’s academy will be held at the Royal Rangers District Camp in Green, NY. The dates of JLDA are July 11-16th, but our Outpost leaves on Sunday the 10th because the camp starts at 8 AM on Monday. If you have questions about this or any of our other Leadership Camps, please contact me.

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