It’s Spaghetti Dinner Time


Once again, it is that time. We are asking for your help. Our annual fundraiser, Send a Kid to Camp Spaghetti Dinner, will be on May 21st at Fellowship Wesleyan Church. As a Royal Ranger family, I am asking every Royal Ranger, Family member of a Ranger, and Friends of our Royal Rangers to come together to support this vital fundraiser.

As with most of our post- COVID events, there will be some changes to how we run this year’s fundraiser.

The biggest change will be that we are offering curbside takeout only. There will not be tables set up for dining at the church like we usually do.

Hopefully, this is a one-year-only change, and we can get back to what we love to do as a church: fellowship and enjoying each other’s company.

About the last Wednesday of April, you will get home a list of things we need help with. Some duties include helping to prep for dinner itself, taking out the trash, washing dishes, running food to cars, and taking tickets. W also need help putting our church sanctuary back together for service Sunday morning. We cannot do this without you. There is a link here to sign up to volunteer here or on our FB page.

We are also asking each Royal Ranger family to sell 10 tickets to the spaghetti dinner. We ask that you do not sell within the church, but to outside people we may not see every week. Maybe take your tickets to family get-togethers, sporting events your kids are in, or even your place of business if it is allowed. Additionally, if any child sells ten tickets, they will receive fifty dollars toward attending the Pow-Wow Campout this August. That is a considerable saving.

The funds raised from the Send a Kid to Camp Spaghetti Dinner will be to do just that. We need some new camping equipment including a new enclosed dining canopy, ground cloths, replacing older tents, coolers and other essential items. 

Lastly, this can be added to the service project needed to earn the leadership merits we are working on this year. Please keep an eye on the Facebook page or click here to sign up to help us. I am looking forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to support our group.

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