Ranger Training Camp Learning to Be Royal Rangers

Day one is in in the books, and the boys are all learning to be Royal Rangers. All of the boys seemed to settle in and found ways to cope with the constant drizzle for most of the day. Today promises to be cooler but dry.

The RTC (Ranger Training Camp), our youngest group of boys, is a smaller camp this year, but the boys are having fun. I was lucky enough to drop by their evening service and got s chance to watch their skit. With a lot of encouragement form Junior Academy, they are learning to talk and act in front of a group.

As our youngest group, RTC is beginning to learn the basics of running an organization. Focusing on working together as a team, self-discipline, and establishing priorities are all things that RTC focus on.

Boys at Tuesday Morning Breakfast Role Call
Tuesday Morning Breakfast Role Call

They run their own evening worship services, and because of their younger bodies, they hit the tents a little earlier.

This morning they all made breakfast on time. As I was checking in, I noticed the boys were writing an essay. Apparently, a couple of the camp was out of uniform and were being reminded that a team needs to be accountable to one another. They seemed to take the direction well, and there were smiles on all the faces.

Three days do go.

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