A Hot Start to 2019 JLDA

“Something really smells good!” exclaimed my good friend and veteran of the spiritual wars, Mike.

“Burnt eggs and reheated black coffee – Smells like Ranger Camp to me.” was my reply.

Truth be told – there is something special about waking up in a tent after a good nights sleep. The dew on the ground and feeling the first rays of the sun on your face, that never grows old.

It is our first morning of Ranger Training Academy. Most of the boys and men arrived yesterday and set up camp. Old acquaintances were rekindled, and new names were learned.

For those not familiar with Royal Rangers, Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA), is a targeted five-year program designed to challenge the young man to tap into the gifts the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon him. For a more detailed description, just click here.

Morning Comes to Ranger Camp

When we got here yesterday, it was pretty hot, and all we really had to do was set up camp. I took it kind of easy on the boys because of the high 100-degree plus heat index. But the black flies did not. Nothing a couple cans of deep woods off couldn’t handle though. After dinner, it cooled off, and I just let the boys take it easy and get ready for a great first day of camp.

I am going to try and do a daily update from JLDA then Pow Wow so check back often. Feel free to check the Facebook page regularly for image updates.

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