Ranger Kids Day Coming In June

downloadRanger Kids Day is coming in June this year. This year’s Ranger Kids Field Day will be held at Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park NY – So be sure and save the Date. The field day will be held Saturday, June 16 from 10 AM – 2 PM. We have a lot of fun and exciting events planned for this. This is also open to any Rainbows or Kids Club members that are entering kindergarten next year.

This is a parent-son event – so if you are a parent and would like to come along and images-1participate, we would love to have you. Everybody should bring a lunch and a fishing pole if they have one. If not – that is OK -we have plenty to go around. And don’t worry – We’ve got the worms.

So for loads of fun with other Ranger Kids be sure and ask your Ranger Kids leader for details. For this and more OP292 events be sure and check the calendar on our website or click here.

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