This is Why We Do It!


I was in the spirit. My hands were raised in praise of Jesus Christ our Lord and Master, my spirit was praising, but I also knew that I was in charge of 12 men and boys, and I took a moment to look down and see in front of me the fruit our work was bearing.

I saw more than a hundred men and boys praying in one accord and each one seeking their individual personal gift of the Holy Spirit. Some were praising in tongues and some in their own 0812160759language. There were men praying over boys, boys laying hands upon other boys and men, and the Holy Spirit descending upon the whole group.

I saw the battle ground. I saw Satan trying to gain a stronghold in many of these boys lives, and I saw him being banished from the lives of numerous men, young and old alike. Just then it came to me – this is why we do what we do.

Our job as a Royal Ranger leader is to equip and empower men of all ages to go into the battleground that is our world today to equip and empower other men. To fulfill the great commission, and to teach others to do the same. Just like Elisha, we have accepted the mantle Jesus Christ laid upon us and we, in turn, must cast that mantle over other men.


0812161123cAt the 2016 NY District Pow Wow, the boys went on a quest to find the Holy Spirit in their lives. Many of them did. However, noticeably, many of the men did as well. When I see grown, world-hardened men, weeping as the spirit overcomes them and laying hands on boys as they pray over them I know that the Holy Spirit is indeed alive and working in our lives today as He was in the days of the Pentecost.

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