Are You Going to the Klondike Run?

imgres-5Hi All – We had a great time at the Ranger Derby. I thank you all for your patience as we worked through using the new software. We are excited about this going forward and we already have people working on improvements for next year’s race. Stay tuned in for more on that. I will say this – we want to get or build a new track. If there is anyone interested in helping out with that, please let me know.

Now on to the Western NY Section Royal Ranger Klondike Run. I sent home a flyer on this and a permission slip. This is a yearly winter campout held at Camp Hickory Hill in Varysburg, NY. It will be on February 19-21 and costs 80.00 for the complete trip. This includes food, travel, and lodging. I will need to know if your boy will be going by Wednesday, February 10. After that, there will be a late fee we must pay.


We will be meeting at the church at 5:00 and leaving as a group by 5:30 PM on the19th. As always, this is a Father (or any significant male adult)/son event and we urge you to accompany your son to this fun and exciting camping trip. There is a visitor form in theimages-1 packet that must be completed for a non-leader to attend. If you are going, and want to drive on your own, please let me know. We will plan on being at the camp by 6:30 the 19th.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask me and thank you once again for your patience as we get this group running.

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