Outpost 292 Special Uniform

imagesEach year, new Royal Rangers get an Outpost group t-shirt to be worn to all Royal Ranger events. If they have not received one, it will be soon.

Our outpost uniform for all groups and leaders is a Ranger issued level group T-shirt, Cargo style blue jean shorts or pants, sneakers, socks, and underwear.images-1

Due to the possibility of strenuous activity, for safety concerns we ask that the boys tie or fasten their sneakers and do not wear flip flops, sandals, crocks or other types of open toe or heel shoe.

As they move through Royal Rangers, there will be a more advanced utility uniform you may purchase for use at select events, but there is no need for that expense at this point. If your boy is part of the Junior Leadership Academy he will have one of these uniforms.  

One thing you might want to consider though is an awards vest.

IMG_20160406_191819020An awards vest is a vest that the boys wear on a weekly basis over their uniform that displays all the awards they have earned. This is the only garment that advancement and merit patches may be worn on. Please do not sew them onto the Ranger T-shirt. The cost of the vest is $17.00.

The patches will be sewn onto the awards vest. For placement on an Awards Vest, click the group links below:

images-2The patches should not be put on any other ranger uniform. The vest in only an option and not a required part of the uniform, but many boys do get one.

Lastly, I ask that if your boy does have a uniform that he grows out of, please consider bringing it back clean and folded and we can get him a new one. Please only turn in old ones that are in good condition.

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