Keeping Your Boy Safe

It is unfortunate that today more than ever, we have to take extra precautions to keep our children safe at all times. At each of our Royal Ranger groups, we take the safety of your child very seriously. It is by far our top priority. Following is an outline of just some of the things we do every day to ensure “Safety First” at all times.

Before we interact with your Son

  • Completion of a children and youth workers application
  • All references are checked, including a “Deep Reference” check.
  • Performance of a national and local criminal background check
  • “Safe Child” Classroom training by a certified instructor.
  • Participation in a personal interview with church and ministry leadership
  • Written approval by Church’s Pastor

after the pre-approval process, royal rangers require the following:

  • At least two adults in any room with a boy. In the event this is not possible, the door must be left open.
  • Supervision of all new leaders for a period of at least one year
  • New leader’s mentorship and training
  • Weekly observation check-ins by the pastoral staff and/or OP Coordinator
  • Weekly observation check-ins by the pastoral staff and/or OP Coordinator
  • Nationally written and children’s ministry-approved curriculum
  • Advancement and training opportunities for all areas of interest or development.
  • Weekly sign-in and locked door policies

    So, while it may be true we cannot protect every child out there, we do have procedures to keep your child safe at all times in our care. Our dedicated staff is committed to these safety protocols. To see an even more detailed explanation of our policies, see this chapter from the Royal Ranger’s Leader’s Manual.

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