All These Patches (aka:The Awards Vest)

Many of your boys will begin to bring home award patches they have received at OP292 for work they have done or skills they have acquired. I urge you to ask them how they earned these awards and what they did to get them.

But one of the questions I frequently get from parents is, “what do I do with all these patches?”

The patches are meant to be placed on an awards vest. This vest is optional but the only place on a Royal Ranger uniform that a boy can display all his hard work. To read more about our outpost uniform, click here.

An awards vest is a vest that the boys wear on a weekly basis over their uniform that displays all the awards they have earned. This is the only garment that advancement and merit patches may be worn on, and they do have a specific order the patches should be sewed on. Please do not sew them onto the Ranger T-shirt.

The patches should not be put on any other ranger uniform. The vest is only an option and not a required part of the uniform, but many boys do get one.

The vest cost is $17.00, and I usually have most sizes in stock at the Church. The patches should be sewn onto the awards vest. For placement on an Awards Vest, click the group links below:

Ranger Kids Awards Vest

Lastly, I would like to add that if you are not a sewer or just don’t have time to sew them on, please bring all your boy’s patches they have accumulated along with the awards vest to me. We do have a couple of special ladies of the Church that will be willing to do this for you.

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