Klondike Run Coming Soon!

This year’s Klondike Run will look a little different. Well, it seems as if every post starts out saying that things “will look a little different this year.” And that is true of our upcoming events, The Ranger Derby and The Klondike Run. Thank you, COVID-19! More about the Ranger Derby in another post.

For those who do not know, The Klondike Run is a yearly winter campout available to all boys 3rd grade and higher held at Camp Hickory Hill in Varysburg, NY

The biggest difference this year is that it is only a one-day event. Due to COVID restrictions and safety protocols, we will not be in cabins this year. We will still be having all the events!

You may have gotten an information packet for the Klondike Run from your son. If you did not, please ask them for it or click here for a downloadable PDF version.

The Klondike Run will be on February 20 from 9 AM to 8 PM and costs $45.00 for the complete trip.  

Space is limited to 50 people, so I will need your registration forms and payment by Wednesday, February 3, 2021. After that, there will be a 10.00 late fee we must pay.

I would really encourage all the boys to come out and have a great day of exciting events and growing into men of Christ.

Klondike Run Start

Klondike Run Prep Day

On Sunday, February 14, We will be having a Klondike Run Prep day after church for all the men and boys attending. We have a lot to do to get ready. This will run from about noon (right after church) until about 5 PM. We will be preparing for the Klondike Run by practicing our skits, songs, and chants, painting the sled, and various other things that will need to be done for the campout.

There will be pizza and drinks provided for lunch. If you do not attend Sunday Services at Fellowship Wesleyan, just drop your son off when your worship services end or around noon at the back door. We will be here.

Lastly, we ask that you work with your son to memorize the theme verse for the weekend, which is 1st Corinthians 16:13 “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.”The theme of the weekend is Be Strong. 

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