Spring Break Announcements 4/14/2022

With the two weeks off, I would like to send out a few reminders and announcements.

FCF Spring Trace Preparations

The Spring FCF Trace is quickly approaching, and if you are planning to go to that, please let either me or Commander Chris Poole know. We have an FCF prep day on April 24th at my house if you are available. This is not mandatory, just an option for boys who want to get better at throwing Knife and Hawk, Flint and Steel, or making char cloth. I posted that flyer a few weeks ago.

Send A Ranger To Camp BBQ Pork Dinner

Hopefully, you are selling your BBQ Pork Dinner tickets. If you’re going to a family event or party, it’s a great time to take them. If they can’t make it or live out of the area. Maybe they would consider a donation or buy a giveaway ticket. Every little bit helps.

Last Merit Day May 7th

In three weeks we will hold our last Merit Camp of the year.

These camps are a great way for a boy to stay on track for all his advancements on his trail to the Gold. Attendance at one of these camps earns one full advancement. More details on May’s camp will be in the monthly update. Check back for that.

The day camp runs from 8AM to 3 PM. The boys should bring a bagged lunch and wear their Ranger T-shirts.

Check this out to learn more about these free events.

New Applicants Junior District Training Academy Meeting

On Wednesday, May 4th, I have a parent information session for any parent whose boy is in 4th grade or higher who may be interested in the Junior Leadership Training Academy. Christian leadership principles have never been so crucial as they are today. And this Academy makes learning both fun and relevant. We will be starting at 7:30 and end right before it is time to pick up your Son.

Click here to learn more

Month At A Glance

We have a new infographic that will be updated every month to show you our monthly calendar at a glance. You can find it at the top of our upcoming events page or a paper copy hanging on our information bulletin board outside the Ranger Kids Classroom.

Check Out Our New Event Page

Fellowship Wesleyan Royal Rangers now has a new way of letting people know about our latest events. We still have our up-to-date event calendar for long-term planning.

But have you checked out our upcoming event page? If you want to just take a quick glance at what’s happening at OP 292, this is just for you. This is an excellent page to bookmark, so you always have the information at your fingertips.

Click Here to Check It Out

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